P-BODIES #02 loose ends

presented by P-Bodies e.V.

Leipzig, June 07 th – 11 th 2017

From June 7 th to June 11 th 2017, the P-Bodies Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance opens its gates for the second round

The initial spark was set in summer 2016 - may the unfolding begin: In collaboration with Kunstkraftwerk, Schauspiel Residenz, LOFFT - Das Theater and Schaubühne Lindenfels the festival realizes a fusion of international and local scene. 69 artists and 35 events spread all over Leipzig.

This year’s festival theme merges the undone, the unresolved and the unforseen: loose ends. Inconvenient approaches and diverging stances intertwine into the peripherals of the un-contemporary, questioning our yearning for narration, exploring empty spaces and exposing hyperrealities of the neurotic self. The curating team has invited a wide range of stage productions, interventions, durationals and installations devoted to the body as an open hybrid system.

hardcore meets critical practice /// dream states meet death drive /// science-fiction meets corporeality

The festival starts with a grand opening on Wednesday 07 June at KKW: a performance highlight by the polish choreographer Karol Tymiński, embedded in a shifting space of installations and durationals. On the weekend it’s all about getting together. Among the official festival party, site-specific productions and more, P-Bodies presents Leipzig’s promising newcomers in Dance and Performance.

P-Bodies e.V. encourages the emerging networks in Leipzig’s cultural landscape. Regarding the performing arts scene, the association welcomes a search for further development opportunities through facilitation and support. Starting from the realization of four important main venues, the collaboration between the partners aims to strenghten a vidid, critical and sustainable dialogue in the city lead by the interplay between curative independency and artistic quality

A selected workshop program and artist talks invite recipients, producers, interested amateurs and expert audience to a broad field of experiences. The P-Laboratory is an interdisciplinary one-week workspace for artists and theorists, framed by contemporary discourse. It explores the exchange between collective and individual artistic research processes and its transfer into a graspable practice, open for the audience. After P-Laboratory wonder rooms Vol. 1, which took place at Uferstudios for Contemporary Dance in collaboration with Tanzfabrik Berlin, the second volume will run during the festival.

Look forward to those who reach out beyond well-trodden tracks and challenge our viewing habits. Watch, talk, listen, move.

P-Bodies #02 loose ends starring: Kira Alker / Dominique Baron-Bonarjee / Hannah Shakti Bühler / Julia Berrocal / Julien Brun / Madalina Dan / Tobias M Draeger / Xenia Taniko Dwertmann / Rosemarie Eberl / Clemens Fellmann / Nora Frohmann / Jule Flierl / Sonja Feriencikova / Michela Filzi / Rainer Görß / Jörg Gönner / Mona Hempel / Laura Hicks / Mimi Jeong / Beatrix Joyce / Lea Kieffer / Marine Kloc / Chris Kondek / Burçak Konukman / Christiane Kühl / Sara Lanner / Raymond Liew / Peter Lünenschloss / Elke Luyten / Sergiu Matis / Florian Mecklenburg / Rocio Marano / Anna Nowicka / objective spectacle / Mila Pavicevic / Lukas Pfalzer / Irmela Jane Purvis / Ilana Reynolds / Anja Rudolph / Paula Gallardo Sánchez / Kareth Schaffer / Olivia Schellander / Alma Toaspern / Karol Tymiński / Jascha Viehstädt / Stefan Weihrauch / William Wheeler / Alpa Welsch / Magdalena Weniger / Britta Wirthmüller / Michael Franz Woels