by Julia Berrocal and Marine Kloc

07/06/2017 09:00 pm | @ Kunstkraftwerk

As the shell or the shield, the body contains us and protects us from the world and from the outside look as much as it’s vulnerable. Porous and permeable surface, made prison by the mind and social pressure, body is at the same time a wall and a footbridge, living and undergoing this sensory paradox in constant evolution.

#669 is an interactive performance which combines music, dance, and lights. It offers a space, a junction where mechanical brutality blends with body impulsiveness. On the fringe of popular visions of the body, #669 weaves a thread from the ideas of endangerment and liberation. It explores collective conscious and subconscious representations. A body is led to trance state in order to disturb our perceptions.

credits, vitae
concept : Julia Berrocal, Marine Kloc, Aurore Leduc, Simon Leopold
performance : Marine Kloc