Amor por bulerías

by Paula Gallardo Sánchez

07/06/2017 09:00 pm - 11/06/2017 | @ Kunstkraftwerk

The idea of the piece emerges as consequence of a personal interest in the role of the woman in our society, which has been the leitmotiv of my last works. Works, where the sound relates to common and easily identifiable images.

The video of Amor por bulerías shows a series of characters performing the same action. These apparently domestic situations are transformed by digital editing tools in a comic and rhythmic loop. The conventions are suspended and everything happens in a temporally disjointed narrative, in which a supersaturation of characters acting simultaneously produces chaos. This space, evident fruit of a fantastic imagination, is constantly directed towards the establishment of a link with the “real” space of the viewer.

credits, vitae
artist : Paula Gallardo Sánchez

Paula Gallardo Sánchez, 1980. Spain.

2016-2019 Phd History and Art. Ugr.

2014-2017 Meisterschüler mit Prof. Andrea Zaumseil. HKD. Halle (Germany)

2009-2014 Fine Arts Degree in the Faculty of Fine Arts

2005-2006 Graphic designer. Technical expert. Granada, (Spain)

2003-2004  Scenic lighting technical expert. Granada, (Spain)

2001-2003 Superior technical expert for Media and Spectacles. Granada, (Spain)



2017 ART FAIR. Leipzig. (Germany)

2017 ENGRAVING EXHIBITION La Casa Amarilla. Málaga. (Spain).


2016  „KOMM UND GUCK“ Singen. (Germany)

2015 SUSPIROS EN COLOR. Solo exhibition. Granada. (Spain)

2015 BAL PROJECT. Perú.

2015 International exhibition “Arte político, erótico y onírico” Zaragoza. (Spain)

2014 International Audiovisual Exhibition in the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes. Lima. (Perú)

2014 Art exhibition. “Cienfuegos”. Málaga. (Spain)

2014 Sound installation. Noche en Blanco. Granada. (Spain)

2014 Exhibition with Lamuda collective. Alanís de la Sierra. Sevilla. (Spain)

2012  “Cámara Abierta”at the Center of Contemporary Art Francisco Sanchez Jaén. (Spain)

2012 International Exhibition Ostrale, 2012. Dresden. (Germany)

2011 “Slovenian Chair. Sitting as a Contemporary Metaphore”. Plaza Francoske Revolucije de Liubliana. (Slovenia)