Leftovers – A Collection of 30 Fragiles

by Michael Franz Woels and Burçak Konukman

07/06/2017 07:00 pm - 11/06/2017 | @ Kunstkraftwerk

Leftovers is an ongoing multidisciplinary performance and experimental music project initiated by musician and writer Michael Franz Woels and performance artist Burçak Konukman in summer 2016 in Vienna. They recorded, by using language master soundcards, over 100 very short, improvised multi-layered tracks (called fragiles) with various guest musicians like Gloria Damijan, Martin Burk, Robert Maiß und Florian Horwath. In december 2016 a collection of 30 selected fragiles where also presented in Vienna at Salon Skug.
In February 2017 Leftovers began again, re-imagined as performance by Burçak Konukman at Coop. At the P-Bodies the artists present their performance during the opening. Their leftovers will be shown over the entire festival period at Kunstkraftwerk.

credits, vitae


Co-founder of the Viennese urbanistic collective KAMPOLERTA.
2015 performing at the Wiener Festwochen in the piece “The Common People”
from Jan Martens.
2015 solo-exhibition “DOXA10 (verkopft)” at KUNSTRAUM BUS.
Writer for various magazines:
Cover stories for FAQ magazine, skug, augustin, …
Musician (guitar, berimbau, percussion):
Co-founder with Lukas Thöni of the impro ensemble CALL OUR SHIFTS,

BURÇAK KONUKMAN (1984, Ankara, Turkey)

lives and works in İstanbul.

After graduation from Ankara Anatolian High School of Fine Arts Painting Department, Burçak Konukman completed his bachelor degree on education of visual arts at Eskişehir Anadolu University. In 2009 he started M.A. at Bilgi University in cultural management and studied at the Department of Cultural Studies and Aesthetic Communication at Hildesheim University, Germany. In 2015 summer semester for erasmus + exchange program. Burçak Konukman completed his M.A. degree in 2016 at Cultural Management. He took part in the PAS # 47 (Performance Art Studies) ICON program realized in Vienna, Austria, June 2016.

Burçak Konukman is known for his multidisciplinary video and photo installations with live performances and site specific interventions. He had an artist in residency scholarship at Art Center İstanbul by sponsorship of Borusan Holding from 2010-2012. He was part of the Sinopale (international sinop bienniale) initiative in different social engaged projects as artist and volunteer between 2006-2014. He had an artist in residency scholarship at Kultur Kontakt Austria and followed his art research in Vienna, 2013. His performances, video and photo installations take part in international biennials, exhibitions and festivals since 2008. Burçak Konukman produced a radio show called “zamansız” which was brodcasted at Açık Radio between 2010-2013. He is co-founder and co-director of Germany based İPA (International Performance Association) İstanbul and is Artistic Director of festival Platform Young Performance Artists in Istanbul 2012 – 2014. He worked as contributer of SAVVY Contemporary Performance Department Berlin in 2014.

Burçak Konukman is currently working as event coordinator at REM Art Space in Çukurcuma İstanbul and is curator of the guest artist workshop program in collaboration with Open Dialogue İstanbul. Burçak Konukman is the coordinator of Danish Art Foundation İstanbul Program.


fragile #1: „halo yes no“
simulation, doors, scale
Abstracted: Gloria DAMIJAN (prepared toypiano), Martin BURK (double bass)

fragile #2: „anyting“
view, social, traffic
Text: John CAGE
Abstracted: John CAGE, Gloria DAMIJAN (prepared toypiano)

fragile #3: „discussion“
crash, sunday, silence
Text: John CAGE, Gloria DAMIJAN, Michael Franz WOELS
Abstracted: John CAGE

fragile #4: „no words“
absinthe, unit, meeting
Text: Burçak KONUKMAN, Gloria DAMIJAN, Martin BURK
Abstracted: Gloria DAMIJAN (prepared toypiano), Martin BURK (double bass)

fragile #5: „schoen“
listen, record, share
Text: Gloria DAMIJAN
Abstracted: Gloria DAMIJAN (prepared toypiano), Martin BURK (double bass)

fragile #6: „burg“
mental, rush, entropy
Text: Martin BURK, Burçak KONUKMAN
Abstracted: Gloria DAMIJAN (percussion), Martin BURK (double bass)

fragile #7: „bell“
spring, void, whistle
Text: Burçak KONUKMAN
Abstracted: Gloria DAMIJAN (percussion), Martin BURK (double bass)

fragile #8: „elitis“
space, exercise, execute

fragile #9: „flut“
krishna, nature, trauma
Text: Viktor E. FRANKL, Man’s Search for Meaning
Abstracted: Sabrina MAURER (flute)

fragile #10: „emotional salatalık“
desire, passion, distance

fragile #11: „random“
sketch, instant, order
Text: Michael Franz WOELS

fragile #12: „generate“
ship, power, change
Text: Burçak KONUKMAN
Abstracted: Robert MAISS (trombone)

fragile #13: „plop“
president, ceremony, nevermind
Text: John CAGE, Burçak KONUKMAN
Abstracted: John CAGE, Robert MAISS (trombone)

fragile #14: „midi“
stalker, jingle, pane
Abstracted: Robert MAISS (trombone), Burçak KONUKMAN (voice)
fragile #15: „key“
signature, gamble, structure
Abstracted: Robert MAISS (trombone)

fragile #16: „good“
gravity, scope, magic
Text: Burçak KONUKMAN
Abstracted: Gloria DAMIJAN (prepared toypiano)

fragile #17: „hanna“
emergency, nation, symbol
Abstracted: Hanna PALME (voice)

fragile #18: „hybride song“
spooky, air, guest
Text: Robert MAISS
Abstracted: Robert MAISS (voice, whistling)

fragile #19: „F“
chords, time, fairytale
Text: Florian HORWATH
Abstracted: Florian HORWATH (voice, ngoni, guitar, keyboard)

fragile #20: „julio sings a love song“
date, amore, smoke
Text: Burçak KONUKMAN

fragile #21: „music fades away“
mono, exit, page
Text: Tennessee WILLIAMS,
A Streetcar Named Desire and Other Plays

fragile #22: „no laughing party“
humor, joke, line
Text: Tennessee WILLIAMS,
A Streetcar Named Desire and Other Plays

fragile #23: „story of men“
power, transition, change
Text: Burçak KONUKMAN

fragile #24: „scene six“
gallery, role, carnaval
Text: Tennessee WILLIAMS,
A Streetcar Named Desire and Other Plays

fragile #25: „rauchen tanzen trinken“
philosophy, chilling, kinik
Text: Burçak KONUKMAN
Abstracted: Anita GRITSCH (violin)

fragile #26: „dense waves make your eyes“
notes, flute, shore
Text: Michael Franz WOELS

fragile #27: „stop me“
stencil, floor, lost
Abstracted: Martin BURK (double bass)

fragile #28: „willi´s tanz bar“
statue, dance, dress
Text: Michael Franz WOELS
Abstracted: Ottwald JOHN (recitation)

fragile #29: „last not the end“
bend, tune, son

fragile #30: „not p“
past, present, future
Text: Burçak KONUKMAN
Abstracted: Ece ERGIR (e-piano)