Liquid Contents

by Kareth Schaffer

09/06/2017 10:00 am - 11/05/2017 | @ Kunstkraftwerk


Liquid Contents is a practical workshop in performance-making, whereby every day participants are invited to make and share performance work tailored to a variety of contexts – i.e. for the theatre stage, the exhibition space, and the public space. In a daily practice of developing, trying out and discussing work with each other, we will particularly focus on how audience members are addressed in these various situations, how ideas and gestures become transposed, and the use of different elements within the performance—speaking, moving, singing, dancing, objects, costumes, music, participation, and different bodies. In so doing we look forward to engaging in an on-going conversation on the relations between different fields of art, how performance is engaged with and talked about, and differing economies of time and attention. People of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome.

Meeting point: Kunstkraftwerk, Saalfelder Str. 8, 04179 Leipzig
Period: Friday 09th, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June 10am to 3pm
Language: english and german
Level: open for all
Participation fee: 80/65 € apiece

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Kareth Schaffer (1987, USA/NL), is a choreographer and performer who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. In her pieces Schaffer investigates how dance and the stage can point to places beyond themselves, critically examining the conditions under which art is produced and how it can build its relevance through analogy. Her choreographic work has been shown in numerous European venues, and includes a piece about a story she won’t tell you (An Animal Went Out, 2016); an exhaustive examination of foley as a choreographic tool (Unheard Of, 2016); a very short dance piece (As Easy As 1, 2, 3, 2013); and a conceptual mudwrestling tournament with a dubious 100,000 views on Youtube (Dirty Money Mudwrestling). Kareth Schaffer is a founding member of the choreography collective temporary archipelago with Ana Laura Lozza, Lee Meir, and Claudia Tomasi, and (co-)initiator of the Artist’s Pledge. She has worked with and for artists such as deufert&plischke, Tino Sehgal, Stefanie Wenner, Martin Hansen, and Kyla Kegler. She developed the workshop Liquid Contents in collaboration with visual artist Christian Falsnaes.

Christian Falsnaes (DE/DK)
Christian Falsnaes is an artist who lives and works in Berlin. The relationship between art and audience plays a central role in his works. The collective human body is the most important subject of his surprising, often unannounced performances, which are documented through film. The artist takes on the role of a director, who, through his instructions to the interactive viewers, dissolves the aesthetic boundary between the stage and the audience. His works have recently been exhibited a.o. at Kunsthalle Wien, Hamburger Bahnhof (Berlin), Centre Pompidou (Paris), ZKM (Karlsruhe) and Kestner Gesellschaft (Hannover).
Since 2014 Christian Falsnaes has collaborated with Kareth Schaffer in showing different versions of his performance works. He furthermore produced the music for her 2016 production An Animal Went Out.