Move your body gently

by Gesa Volland

10/06/2017 11:00 am | @ Tanzerei Flugfisch

Contemporary Dance for Beginners with previous knowledge

Contemporary Dance is the movement language of present days. It combines elements from different dance techniques such as Release, Floorwork, Limon and HipHop. Energy flow, flexibility, position and coordination as well as individual rhythm and physical peculiarities are important features. The workshop sensitizes the participants for body and space. Gravitation is not being hidden, but consciously and dynamically used. In a varied warm-up we awaken the senses and smooth muscles, tendons and tapes. The main training units focus on different movement qualities, directions and spacial levels.

Gesa Volland creates a vivid access to Contemporary Dance and opens up a space for moving, dancing and joking without judgment, but a lot of joy and curiosity. She mostly works barefoot, but it’s good to begin from comfortable training clothes, socks and knee pads, for those who want.

Where: Tanzerei Flugfisch, Gustav-Adolf-Straße 45, 04105 Leipzig
Period: Saturday, 10th of June, 11am – 01pm
Language: german only
Level: advanced beginner
Participation fee: 15/10 €

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