Foto © Florian Mecklenburg


by Florian Mecklenburg

07/06/2017 09:00 pm - 11/06/2017 | @ Kunstkraftwerk

The video installation NM2 is a new body of work reflecting critically on the stereotypes of masculinity, power structures within the social construction of gender and the representations of the male body. It responds directly to a current political climate and international discussions on neomasculinity, by investigating the current state of patriarchy, capitalization and de-gaying of aestheticized gay elements and distribution of gender roles. Through the deconstruction of culturally intelligible aesthetic boundaries of masculinity, the artist aims to establish an accelerated and liquified version of male identity that manifests beyond stereotypes.

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Florian Mecklenburg is an Amsterdam based artist and art director. He is part of the collective Goys&Birls and co-founder of the experimental publication Format NXS.

Goys&Birls is collective of sensitive agents in a quest for a wanted future. Empowered by pop culture, they dream in full HD, manifest beyond DIN Formats and touch the world through a layer of criticality, using their visual powers to question and form reality. Goys & Birls was born in 2015 in Amsterdam from the love of Monika Gruzite, Juliette Lizotte and Florian Mecklenburg.

In his personal practice as a designer, image-maker and researcher, Florian mecklenburg is interested in the contemporary visual language of gender norms and their effect on social power structures and gender identity mutations in visual culture. Furthermore he is investigating the question of “what is the self in the age of digital technology?“ and the reciprocity of identity in the virtual and physical world. Through the production of new visual narratives, in form of video installations or experimental publishing formats, and cultural entrepreneurship, his upcoming work engages with new gender identity-paradigms while contributing to urgent discussions on equality.