by Laura Hicks and Hannah Shakti Bühler

11/06/2017 06:00 pm | @ Kunstkraftwerk

Drawn to an intensity that lurks under the surface of every encounter, Reaching towards… looks at the relational space between body, sound and surface. When do the edges blur between one and the other? Bodies and material are pulled into movement and transformation. I reach towards you, but never fully arrive.

credits, vitae
Choreographie & Performance : Laura Hicks, Hannah Shakti Bühler
Soundesign : Alexander Hadjiev
Licht : Camilla Vetters
Bühnenbild : Till Korfhage

Hicks&Bühler are Laura Hicks and Hannah Shakti Bühler. After completing studies together in the Masters in Contemporary Dance Education (MACoDE) with the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts, their desire to create contemporary choreography which investigates philosophical questions through the moving body, brought them together. They collaborate with Alex Hadjiev, Camilla Vetters and Till Korfhage.