Foto © Marta Ankiersztejn

This is a musical

by Karol Tymiński

07/06/2017 08:00 pm | @ Kunstkraftwerk

In Karol Tymiński’s latest work This is a musical the production of a visceral discordant and queer electronic fantasy will be built with a laboring body. Tymiński’s body is the instrument for the sample, the electronic music he wields comes into being through a brutal choreography. The “musical” is an archive of the body’s desire, a composition in time and space, where a history of actions continues to sing with deep resonance moving towards further hypnosis. The performer oscillates between tenderness and brutalism creating a beat scape that evolves towards a massive trance, entering a space of possibility of madness and pleasure. This borderline body on stage is in rapture, he is the keeper of a threshold, he wants to guide the audience in the direction of the ecstatic.

credits, vitae
VIDEO : Michal Andrysiak
MUSIK : Gradual
LICHT : Jan Cybis
STIMME : Malgorzata Neumann
Besonderen Dank an : Jeremy Wade

In co-production with Instytut Sztuk Performatywnych, Open Latitudes and apap – Performing Europe 2011-16, both with the support of the Culture Program of the European Union. With the kind support of Tanzfabrik Berlin and Center in Motion Choreographers Workspace.

KAROL TYMINSKI is a Polish choreographer/performer, co-founder of Center in Motion Workspace, graduate of P.A.R.T.S. In his career he created works such as This is a musical, Liminal (perf. by Icelandic Dance Company), Pussy, Beep, Doll House. He had an honor to receive support from (among all) APAP, ImpulsTanz, Body/Mind Foundation, Open Latitudes, Movement Research, The Ministry of Culture of Poland.