Volume Workshop

by Sara Lanner and Olivia Schellander

08/06/2017 - 09/06/2017 | @ Kunstkraftwerk

The research project Volume is an artistic endeavour to explore the manyfold notions of its literal meanings: content, substance, loudness, size, extent, range, capacity, quantity, medium.
It looks at voice and orality as something that relates to our actual body as much as it does to language, speech and text. In this workshop we will delve into physical states and body images connected to the notion of ‘voice’ without necessarily using language as such. The open mouth, exposed oral cavity and jaw are our main agents. Together we will experiment with physicalities and sounds of pre- and post-language and explore those on our own bodies, with partners and as a group. How long can we keep the mouth open? What oral subjects, connotations and problems emerge? What is our perception of inner-outer environments? As a metaphor, we assume the cry as the opposite of being silenced and muted, and as a strong gesture to possibly arrive into language.

Meeting Point: Kunstkraftwerk, Saalfelder Str. 8, 04179 Leipzig
Period: Thursday, June 08th and Friday, June 09th 3:45 to 7:45 pm
Language: english or german
Level: Open for all
Participation fee: 45/35€

credits, vitae

Olivia Schellander (AT) works with various artists in the roles of a dancer/performer, choreographer and collaborator. She obtained a BA Dance Theatre (Laban, UK) followed by an MA Choreography at the Institute of Dance Arts (AT, 2011). Her first own works have been presented in the UK, Austria and Sweden.
Currently she develops the collaborative projects Volume with Sara Lanner & Jasmin Hoffer, Animalarium with Alexandra Wingate & Lena Kimming and is part of the Anti-Fascist Ballet School of Elizabeth Ward & Magdalena Chowaniec. In 2016 Olivia also received the danceWEB scholarship and performed in Critical Joy with PEACHES & Keith Hennessy at the Museum of Modern Art & ImPulsTanz Festival and in Guerilla by El Conde de Torrefiel at Steirischer Herbst.
She has worked a.o. with choreographers Deborah Hazler, Oleg Soulimenko, Angela Woodhouse, Zoi Dimitriou, Stephanie Cumming, visual artists Lilo Nein and Augusto Corrieri, director Claudia Bühlmann and on film for Katy Pendlebury. Olivia obtained a Performing Arts Grant from the Austrian Ministry and the training scholarship at Tanzquartier Wien in 2010. Since then she also facilitates artist-run feedback sessions that allow artistic sharing of works in progress and practices. In 2015 she was in the SuSy Exchange Programme (LifeLongBurning) at Uferstudios Berlin, where she joined the Laboratory on Feedback in Artistic Process 2: Audiences.

Sara Lanner (AT) is a choreographer, dancer and performance artist based in Vienna. Her artistic work deals with performance in the field of performing arts as well as the visual arts. She studied Contemporary Dance and Dance Pedagogy (IDA Linz) and is currently studying Performative Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.
She worked a. o. with Michikazu Matsune, Anne Juren, LUX FLUX & Saira Blanche Theater, Lilo Nein, Barbis Ruder, Maya Minder and Akos Hargitay as a dancer and performer. Since 2015 in collaborations with researchers from the Center for Public Health/Medical University Vienna.
She developed her actual solo performance A Living Example during residencies at the ImPulsTanz Festival and Tanzquartier Vienna 2016 (in cooperation with Huggy Bears/SUPERAMAS) as well as 2015 during a Life Long Burning Residency at the Uferstudios Berlin, with a work in progress showing at imagetanz 2016, brut Vienna. Premiere in December 2016 at WUK performing arts Vienna.
In 2015 she presented the solo AUSstellenENTstellen at the Werkstück-presentations/Tanzquartier Vienna. Sara Lanner received scholarships by Tanzquartier Vienna (2013), danceWEB 2014/ImPulsTanz and the STARTStipendium/BKA Österreich (2014).