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wonder rooms Vol. 2


04/06/2017 04:00 pm - 11/06/2017 | @ P-Laboratory

SHOWING: JUNE 11th // 7pm // KKW


P-LABORATORY: The P-Laboratory is an artistic research project initiated and facilitated by P-Bodies. The experimental workspace addresses artists and theorists from various disciplines and offers the possibility to develop and enrich one’s individual artistic practice in a collective working process. Special interest goes to interdisciplinary encounter and the exchange of ideas, practice and methods. Each edition of the P-Lab is designed and structured through the intertwining of site-specific characteristics, selected discourses and the participant’s artistic stances. Another important facet of the project is the quest for ways of opening up production conditions and hermetically sealed processes to the outside, graspable for the audience. The P-Lab takes places for the first time in 2017. It consists of the interplay between wonder rooms Vol.1, which has been performed at Uferstudios Berlin, and wonder rooms Vol.2 in the frame of P-Bodies #02 loose ends in June.

WONDER ROOMS: archives of authorship. The cabinet of curiosities is temporal, local, narrative, charged, singular. Or a self-referential documenting archive, in which elapsed and future matters overlap, pointing out each other. In Vol.1 the participating artists dealt with their personally chosen loose ends. In Vol.2 these open-ended, forward looking work processes will be transferred in new narrative spaces and come upon new individuals. The resulting limitations are to be confronted with one’s own artistic practice, to be transformed into a challenge, a collective coming-out, a visionary escape game: science-fiction meets scripted reality.  Another question: What’s authorship? Undermining solipsistic ways of producing and interpreting artistic work, the P-Lab aims to link and treat time, space, material and artistic stances as equals.

Wunderkammer as archive. Wunderkammer as resonating body. Wunderkammer as fetish.

MEROTOP: the artist’s home. A merotope is the smallest entity of ecosystems. It constitutes an excerpt of a biotope inhabited by a particular symbiotic community being determined by a particular structure. The subunit of a biosphere interconnected in its occurence with corresponding structures. Merotope means part of a place. Being site-specific, the project negotiated in wonder rooms Vol.1 the studio as open, stylized living and working space. In Vol. 2 the focus shifts to the conditions of a medial and narrative charged flat


intimity and imagination – the studio

limitation and script – the appartment



Vernissage: 04. Juni ab 16 Uhr @ Schwarzburg / Merseburger Straße 94

Open Atelier: 08. Juni 14 – 18 Uhr @ Schwarzburg / Merseburger Straße 94

Intermedia-Showing: 11. Juni / 19:30 Uhr @ Kesselhalle / KKW

credits, vitae

wonder rooms Vol. 1

Concept: David Eckelmann / Anelja Kasenow / Josefine Mühle

Researcher: Rosemarie Eberl / Jule Flierl / Rainer Görß / Ania Rudolph / Stefan Weihrauch / Britta Wirthmüller / William Wheeler

Guests: Thomas Burkhard / Filip Krause / Kirsten Maar / Marina Stefan

In cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin.



wonder rooms Vol. 2

Concept: Anelja Kasenow / Josephine Mühle

Lab Design: David Eckelmann

Lab Assistance: Elias Capelle / Sarah Heinzel / Maxie Pfannkuchen

Researcher: Josephine Findeisen / Peter Lünenschloß / Verónica García Mayo / Olga Monina / Lukas Pfalzer / Irmela Jane Purvis

Guests: Hannes Birkholz / Babett Niclas /  Cian O’Sullivan / Isabell Spengler / Britta Wirthmüller

With the kind support of Schwarzburg Initiative

Thanks to Salto Florale http://www.saltoflorale-leipzig.de