Magdalena Weniger


by Magdalena Weniger

10/06/2017 | @ Kunstkraftwerk

In her public intervention Magdalena Weniger investigates into notions of perception in a one-on-one encounter. Her invitation to share a moment of material overloaded reality together, challenges states of curiosity and fear. ZEBRAS ZENIT takes participants into horizontal plane to serve or confront a situation of getting together, getting closer. In a moment, where all senses get activated, there is not one single way of perceiving anymore and reality starts changing.

credits, vitae
concept & performance : Magdalena Weniger

Magdalena Weniger is a freelance dance-/performance maker and singer working in Germany and Switzerland. Based in Dresden, she is actively engaging in the network TanzNetzDresden for dancers and choreographers. Magdalena is currently reasearching on the question of how arts can be engaged equally in cross-disiplinary performances. Moreover, her interest lies in instant composition, an improvisation approached as live-art.