The Supporter-Ticket is meant to be both a festival ticket and a support for P-Bodies. Limited to 30 pieces it´s an exclusive offer for a small circle of supporters. If you intend to see all the events, the ticket provides you a discount of 30 % towards the retail sale. As owner of the Supporter-Ticket, you get free access to all events in the festival including a workshop of your choice and free entrance to the exclusive festival party on 10th of June at Kunstkraftwerk!

After purchasing the ticket we will contact you to send you a list of performances, that you have to book in advance, in order to guarantee you a seat in the show.

We are happy to welcome you at P-Bodies #2 loose ends and thank you for your support. Your contributon helps us to carry on our intention to create a beautiful festival for artists and audience and to build sustainable structures for its continuation.

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Day-Tickets Grand Opening, Saturday and Sunday

By purchasing a Day-Ticket you get free entrance to all events at Kunstkraftwerk during the day of your choice.

With a price Discount of 20% towards the retail sale you are invited to enjoy the Grand Opening of the festival with more than 8 artistic works and performances on Wednesday the 7th of June.
A Day-Ticket for Saturday the 10 th of June gets you to explore three stage formats, various installations around the festival venue and the big festival party.
Sunday follows the idea of encounter. Amongst Workshop presentations three performances of emerging artists of the local scene will be presented. The festival closes with the showing of the P-Laboratory reaching towards future projections.

Be our guests for one day or two. We are looking forward to your visit!

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