A great thanks goes to the partners of P-Bodies - without them the festival could not have been realized in this form. Born from the joint interest in supporting the development of the contemporary dance and performance scene in Leipzig, Schaubühne Lindenfels, Schauspiel Residenz, Kunstkraftwerk and LOFFT – Das Theater have merged into a cooperation with P-Bodies e.V. The art and science transfer will be expanded in collaboration with the Centre of Competence for Theatre (CCT), initiated by Leipzig University.

The various backgrounds and sponsorships of these institutions and their makers unites more than it divides them. The willingness to use resources, create synergies and develop common interests and objectives establishes in the long term the emergence of new and worthwile interfaces and contrasts. Promoting interdisciplinary young artists and networking local and international scene form the link between the partners, with the claim to use P-Bodies as platform for a content-driven and productive exchange.